Why Bitnuk?

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Highest security standards

As data safety can sometimes be taken for granted, we apply only the highest Swiss standards of compliance and security to all our operations.
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Jump-start your crypto journey

No endless forms, no numerous attachments, no frustrating emails. Our user verification system is one of the fastest and most secure in the industry and gets you started right away.
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Your data, your control

We know that in finance even the smallest safety features can make a big difference. That's why here at BITNUK every action is processed according to Swiss law. It means maximum privacy and guaranteed anonymity, which is extremely important when handling financial details.

Bitnuk offers

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Private transfers

Our main goal is to make BTC transactions as easy and safe as possible. To make a cash or BTC transfer, you will only need the person's phone number, email address or their BITNUK ID. The latter guarantees absolute privacy as both sender and receiver will only see each other's ID.
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Advanced verification

Bitnuk uses an advanced automated ID verification system which requires only your ID and a functioning webcam. Users typically get verified in less than 24 hours.
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Multiple wallets

For your convenience and easier organisation, we offer multiple Bitcoin wallets which make your BTC finances a lot easier to track and manage. Also, every Bitnuk Bitcoin wallet has its separate balance and transaction history.

What is Bitcoin?

Interested in Bitcoin? Watch this 2 minutes guide, which explains how Bitcoin works and why this technology is so important in changing the world.
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