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Private Bitnuk Transfers

Fast, private and free – our Bitnuk Transfers service allows our users to instantaneously send crypto currencies and cash to other people without any additional charges – to complete the transaction, you will only need their email address, phone number or Bitnuk ID. We believe that Bitnuk ID is probably the safest way to send and receive currency as the ID is randomized and no private details are revealed to either party.
Also, it is always free to make transfers to other Bitnuk users - within the system, each transaction is settled in seconds. If you wish to make a transfer to a non-Bitnuk user, you can still do it - we will automatically set up a new Bitnuk account which they will be able to access immediately via email.
Bitnuk BTC

Advanced verification

Some platforms take days to verify that you are actually you – however, our process only takes minutes and Bitnuk accounts usually get verified within hours. No endless application forms or multiple follow up emails. With our advanced verification system, all you need to sign up is your passport or ID card, a camera and a few moments of your time.
We made sure that the sign-up process is simple and smooth. First, you need to simply fill in your personal details. Then, take a webcam picture of your ID and record a short selfie video for biometric analysis. If a webcam is not available, you can also upload files straight from your computer. After this, your data goes through our system and, if everything is ok, you get verified.
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Multiple wallets

When it comes to finances, organization is key. To help you keep your funds in check, we offer the option to have multiple Bitcoin wallets at once. Every wallet will have separate balances, transaction histories and custom names - and transactions between your own wallets will always be fast and free.
Having separate wallets might also increase the level of privacy as for each wallet you can change Bitcoin addresses. For example, you might want to have your main default wallet, but create a separate one for your Bitcoin income or an additional one for selling Bitcoin. This way, you will definitely keep your balances safe from being seen by third parties.
Bitnuk BTC

Limit orders

We believe that Bitnuk’s Limit (coming soon) order feature is the best way to set your Bitcoin investment strategy in motion - it puts trading control in your hands without making the process too complicated. Limit order gives you the ability to set a specific price at which you would like to buy or sell the desired amount of Bitcoin. Once the price meets your limit – the order is automatically completed.
We also offer a Stop order feature which helps you to prevent potential losses in case Bitcoin price suddenly changes. Trailing stop order is a bit more flexible as it follows the market and adjusts the trigger price of the stop order accordingly. As this tool is a bit more complex, we will always be happy to provide additional help and information.

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